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7 Interesting Facts About Wedding Music

Updated: Aug 16, 2019

Weddings are an age-old tradition, stemming across different cultures and through various centuries all over the globe. Despite these huge differences in tradition, however, there is one underlying thing tying them together - music.

Whether you have a wedding coming up or you simply want to brush up on your music knowledge, this is the perfect blog for you! FunXion 5 are experts in all things music and this is especially the case for wedding music facts.

Here are our 7 interesting facts about wedding music from around the world.

1. “Here Comes the Bride” Was Meant to be “There Goes the Bride”

Known fondly in the UK as “Here Comes the Bride”, Richard Wagner’s “Bridal Chorus” (Treulich Geführt) originally came from the 1950 opera Lohengrin.

Whilst we are used to hearing it as processional music and the bridal “march” towards the aisle, this song was initially intended to be for the bridesmaids to accompany the newlywed bride to her chamber following the ceremony.

Despite this rehashing of the composer’s original intentions, “Here Comes the Bride” is considered to be the most popular wedding song within westen culture over the last century. Influential english composer John Rutter summed up this change “No amount of bending Wagner’s text in translation will make it fit a church wedding.”

However, whilst it is perceived as entirely harmless and merely as a joyous novelty by most within the west, Jewish weddings, in particular, will never play this song due to the composer's associations with anti-semitism

2. Ed Sheeran is No. 1 for First Dances

Insider’s investigation into the most streamed and popular choice of wedding songs found that Ed Sheeran’s “Thinking Out Loud” came out on top for newlywed couples to enjoy their first dance to.

Surprised? A more traditional “At Last” by Etta James came out in second place, whilst "You Are the Best Thing" by Ray LaMontagne took third place.

Do you agree with any of these choices or would you fancy something a little different for your big day? Well, FunXion 5 provide a whole host of songs be performed live at your wedding day, including Ed Sheeran’s “Thinking About You”. However, if you don’t see what you fancy then don’t worry, we will learn and perform one song free of charge as part of our professional wedding band service!

3. Egyptian Brides are Welcomed Down the Aisle with Fire

Sound a bit daunting? Well, this isn’t always the case in contemporary times. However, it still goes on during more extravagant Egyptian wedding ceremonies.

Otherwise known as the wedding march or walk down the aisle, the egptian Zaffa is a musical procession of bendir bagpipes, drums, belly dancers and men carrying flaming swords accompanying the bride up the aisle towards her groom.

4. Jewish Weddings Welcome the Groom

Forget “Here Comes the Bride”. Traditionally, Jewish wedding ceremonies will play a song called “Baruch Haba” to welcome the groom down the aisle.

Whilst often translated to “Welcome”, the literal meaning behind this song is “blessed is he”, which has a deep rooted history of being played for over 100 years within Hebrew culture.

5. The First Dance was Originally Reserved for Royalty

Whilst it has become one of the most traditional elements of western weddings in the modern era, the first dance was originally reserved for royalty or those of extremely high social class.

Kings and queens would traditionally open a ball or other special occasion, led by the guest of honour with a first dance alongside his female partner. In the past, ballroom dancing was a common skill amongst aristocrats and thus would be carried out in front of all to see - even making up part of the standard school syllabus at one time.

Shortly after, this tradition began to drip down into more upper class weddings. The Waltz, a type of classical music genre, was a common ballroom dance style which would be exhibited by newlywed aristocratic couples.

Moving back into the 21st Century, not many adults are trained in ballroom dancing. Nowadays, many newlyweds will simply sway back and forwards or perhaps go freestyle and rock out whatever way they know best!

Also, taking dance lessons in the weeks or months leading up to the big day is becoming a far more common option for couples getting married. We can help you feel as comfortable as possible during your first dance by performing whatever song you wish, free of charge.

6. Everyone Dances Together at Greek Weddings

If you’re ever in attendance of a traditional Greek wedding, then make sure to bring your dancing shoes, as its customary for everyone to join in together at the reception!

Forget the “first dance” between a bride and groom, the whole wedding party joins in together at traditionally Greek wedding receptions.

This upbeat dance called “the Kalamatiano” is usually acted out to an ancient song called “Orea Pou Ine Nifi Mas”. The English translation of this song is “How Beautiful the Bride is” and some historians believe that it has origins rooted back to Homer's Iliad that was written over 3000 years ago!

7. Country Music is Newlyweds’ Favourite Genre

Statistics provided by Wedding Museum puts country music in joint first position alongside Rock ‘n’ Roll (including Indie, Folk, Pop, etc.), for the most popular first dance genre - making up 28% of newlyweds musical preference.

R&B/Soul music comes in third place with 22% of first dance song choices, whilst Jazz style music comes in fourth with 8%.

88% of couples are said to enjoy their first dance a slow song, whilst the remaining 12% rock out to a more uptempo beat.

Regardless of your preference, FunXion 5 are here to accommodate you. The standard line-up we offer is a 5-piece band featuring vocals, guitar, keys, bass and drums. We are fully flexible to your needs and can add a saxophone to our line-up if your choice of music requires.

Experience the Wedding Day of Your Dreams

If you want music to play a big part in your big day or to find the perfect wedding band for you, then why not see how FunXion 5 could help? We would love to be involved in your special moment.

Fill out our contact form or give Jared a call (07974 298340) or email ( to enquire about a booking and we’ll be in touch soon.

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