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Since weddings are such an important event, you need to make sure that you’ve got the perfect music to keep your guests entertained whilst creating memories that will last a lifetime. Songs are perfect reminders of your special day and FunXion 5 will make sure to get them just right.

Whether you want to throw it back with nostalgic tunes or have your guests up on their feet and dancing to modern hits, we can supply it all. With years of experience performing at all kinds of weddings, we want to help complete your special day with the perfect music.

If you’re looking for a wedding band that can go above and beyond on that special day, FunXion 5 are the ones for you. With a female lead singer, guitar player, keyboard player, bass player and drummer, we’re a fully-stacked wedding band ready to hire!

More Than Just a Band…

Looking to keep guests entertained between sets? We can also provide a DJ service featuring hundreds of songs from multiple decades, guaranteed to keep the kids and the grandparents happy!

This is a perfect option to provide some background music. Whether guests are eating or conversing at the reception, we can keep the atmosphere lively and bubbly. Got a request for us? Feel free to ask! After all, it’s your special day.

Wedding Band Hire Made Easy

When you hire us as your chosen wedding band, we’ll show up with all the necessary equipment such as:

  • Professional audio sound system - we want to give you the best quality sound possible.

  • Amplifiers - we want everyone to be able to hear the music and enjoy the party atmosphere!

  • Lighting rigs - what’s a wedding party without some lighting?

This means you don’t have to worry about organising these separate elements. With so much to plan already, we want to make it as simple as possible for you to hire a wedding band without any fuss.

Musical Journey

A wedding is full of wonderful emotions and we want to reflect these with a variety of songs, ranging from gentle background music during the buffet to nostalgic tear-jerkers and songs you just can’t help but dance to. FunXion 5 have the ability to cover all sorts of genres. As a professional wedding band with years of experience performing at weddings of all sizes, we’ll keep the party going and wind it down at the perfect time to give your guests the best experience. 

Flexible to Fit Your Schedule

FunXion 5 like to keep flexible (and we don’t just mean with our dance moves!) We are fully adaptable to accommodate your schedule. Just let us know your plans and we’ll take care of the rest.


Simply get in touch with us today to hire us for your wedding. We can’t wait to hear from you! 

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