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Gary Wood - Guitar

Funxion 5 Photo-17.jpg

Before even picking up a guitar, Gary was brought up listening to jazz and blues by his grandfather and from a young age has always had a strong appreciation for music. As time went by, inspired by guitar legends in the vein of Eric Clapton, BB King & Stevie Ray Vaughan, Gary first picked up the guitar aged eleven and never looked back.

It was clear from a young age that playing guitar felt natural for Gary and he quickly became a young performer, playing in several school bands and productions.

Whilst studying at University, Gary was an active member of the music society and formed an originals band. He depped in several function bands in and around London whilst also trying his hand in the world of musical theatre, playing in several amdram productions.

Gary often goes to various blues/jazz jams in London such as the Wednesday session at the Alleycat blues bar on Denmark street and The Blues Kitchen in Camden. He has also had the pleasure of performing at the famous Ain't Nothing But blues bar on Kingley Street.

Gary is now delighted to be shredding his soul through the medium of guitar for FunXion 5, the phenomenal function, wedding & events band.


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