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Simon Pires - Bass

Simon Bass.jpg

Simon is a passionate and experienced musician who has been playing live and in the studio for more than 25 years, playing bass and guitar at an expert level. He is experienced in many forms and genres of music including, but not limited to: jazz, latin, rock, blues, soul and classical music, and has a certain love for world music too.

A very reliable individual who takes pride in what he does, Simon has demonstrated and utilised his talents with many different bands and solo artists including Amy Winehouse, Nate James, Milagro Musica, The London community gospel choir, Louise Golbey and Atmosfear to name but a few.

When he’s not playing or recording, Simon spends much of this time as a music teacher, teaching guitar, bass and music theory to people young and old alike. He likes to spend much of his time in the studio recording new material and searching for new ideas all the time.


Photography is also a big part of Simon’s life. He has been around the world and back again travelling to different countries and has been based in different parts of the world including the USA and India - from which part of this roots are derived.

As part of his musical skills, Simon is also a frontman singer with a large vocal range. He is always writing new music and composing material for people, and is currently writing for his up and coming  African soul gospel album 'Transcendence'.

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