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Carla Gray - Vocals

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Carla comes from a large family who are no strangers to the world of performing arts. Carla was offered a residency at Centre Parcs in Thetford at the young age of 15, performing two nights a week; she also became a lead vocalist in a five-piece Latino pop band – ‘Volante’. Carla was offered a second contract with Centre Parcs but decided to pursue something new and more challenging.

She became a lead vocalist in a female duo, ‘Gemini’, after a number of recording contract offers; Gemini released a dance remix of Caribbean Affair with Tony Byron.

In 2006 Carla became the star attraction at Preston’s Showcall Showcase put together by ‘The Stage’ where she received a standing ovation. Following her outstanding performance, Carla was given the perfect write up in ‘The Stage’ newspaper; “Carla Gray lit up the stage from the moment she stepped onto it.


Carla has since gone on to record and release numerous tracks for London based Isobar Records, performing under various pseudonyms. Carla’s training is evident during her performances where she leaves her audiences astounded by her vocal ability, power and range. Carla Gray is a stunning professional vocalist based in Cambridge, where she is regarded as one of the most stylish and popular artiste's in the South-East of England.


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