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Eleanor Hudson - Vocals

Eleanor Profile Pic.jpg

Eleanor has been performing ever since she was a child, starring in shows such as Annie, The King & I and Rent. As Eleanor's love for musical theatre grew, she joined the Singer Stage School when she was 8 and was there for 10 years before joining the Urdang Academy when she was 19 where she trained professionally for 3 years in acting, singing and dance. 


When Eleanor was 17 she started her own acoustic duo namely called The Eleanor Hudson duo that she still performs in to this day.

After graduating in 2017, Eleanor quickly got booked in her first professional job as the lead singer on board the Marella Explorer where she got to travel the world for 10 months while singing everyday. Now back on dry land and with a large repertoire at her disposal, Eleanor has joined the FunXion5 team and is ready to put her performance skills to work.

When not performing with FunXion 5, Ellie can be found most nights performing and waitressing at Archer Street in Clapham. One of Ellie's most favoured artists and whom she loves to often pay tribute too is Amy Winehouse. Other favourite artists include Lada Gaga and Idena Menzel.

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